An Unlikely Source Stepped In To Raise These Wolf Cubs, The Results? AMAZING!

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These two maned wolf cubs lot their mother when she tragically passed away from tumors less than a week after they were born. Staff at Nordens Ark, a zoo in Sweden, took car of the motherless cubs and tried bottle-feeding them. The results were both successful and adorable! They began to grow into healthy, strong little cubs. Although they figured out the feeding part, the cubs still needed a role model who could care for them.

The staff thought it’d be a good idea to see how their father would do with them. Maned wolves are solitary and live alone; the males live in the same area, but the females are the ones who normally care for the cubs. This father in particular has stayed outside the den to guard them. But the staff decided to introduce them and it turned out to be a great idea and so cute!!

Here are the cubs being bottle-fed:

Here is the father meeting his cubs:

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