Manchester Terrier

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The two varieties of Manchester Terriers are the toy version and standard version. The toy version can weigh anywhere up to 12 pounds, while the standard variety will weigh more than 12 pounds.
These dogs have a black-and-tan color combination and their fur is sleek and smooth in consistency. This breed is a vermin hunter by nature, but is usually seen in the family home these days.
The Manchester Terrier is a smart dog with plenty of energy. This breed makes a perfect family dog and will keep the whole family entertained. The Manchester Terrier loves to bond with all family members. Training is always a good idea with a wide array of dog breeds and the Manchester Terrier is no exception. This intelligent dog breed will pick up the training cues quickly and will listen well to his owner upon giving commands.
Grooming the Manchester Terrier is an easy task due to its short length coat. This breed just needs occasional brushing and a bath and trimming every once in a while. You can do the grooming duties at home or take your pet to a professional groomer to complete the task for you.
This dog does well in both a smaller home and large living environment, although the toy variety will do better in an apartment setting than his standard counterpart. Just be sure to take your Manchester Terrier out for walks whenever possible as this dog has plenty of energy to get out on a daily basis.
If you are looking for an intelligent and loyal dog, which comes in two size varieties, the Manchester Terrier should be a fine choice.

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