While Sitting On Her Paddleboard, She Felt Something Move Beneath Her. Who Pops Up To Say Hi? WATCH!

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Celine Chasteen was out on her paddleboard with her friend in Jupiter, Florida, when she had a once-in-a-lifetime experience. They were going along the coast when she saw a dark shadow in the water. She just assumed that it was a pile of rocks, but then it started moving. Before she knew it, a big manatee emerged from the water and put his flippers up on her paddleboard. Their encounter lasted for less than a minute, but it was definitely an amazing one! Chasteen said the manatee was very nice and cute. I would have to agree with the latter! Watch for yourself in the video below:

**Although manatees look cute and fun to play with, they are protected wildlife. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission reminds residents that if a manatee avoids you, do not chase it for a closer view. If one comes up to you, you can look, but don’t touch!

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