Man Walks His Paralyzed Dog In A Little Red Wagon Every Day

Love is a human emotion that knows no boundaries. It can be seen in many areas but, at times, it is seen in a way that touches our hearts to the core.

Bryan Thompson happened to see just such a moment when he was walking through Shubie Park in Dartmouth, Massachusetts. He saw another man waking and pulling a little red wagon. It was what was inside of the wagon that touched his heart.

He saw that the man was pulling a little dog in the wagon so he decided to take some pictures. When his curiosity got the best of him, he decided to ask why he was doing it and found out the loving truth.

The man, who renamed nameless, said that his dog suffered from a progressive spinal cord disorder, known as degenerative myelopathy (Canine ALS). Eventually, dogs that suffer from the malady are left paralyzed in their hind legs.

Although the dog could not walk, he still enjoyed the fresh air and making a trip to the park. The man decided that a little wagon was the best way to help her enjoy life to the extent possible.

Thompson posted the story on Facebook and many people were touched by what that man was doing.

The unnamed man had a unique take on it, simply stating that it was what the dog would do for him, so he was just paying it forward.

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