Owner Is Accusing Man Of Shooting Her Blind Senior Dog For Going Potty Inside The House

Charles Shuttleworth is a man who lives in Miller County, Arkansas. Most people would consider him to be somewhat of a normal person, but the 35-year-old man was arrested on June 10 after police responded to calls about a woman screaming for help.

Police arrived on the scene, and when they did, they were told by the woman that was screaming that Shuttleworth had killed her dog. Her dog, Lefty, apparently had an accident in the house earlier that day and Shuttleworth became enraged.

The woman is alleging that Shuttleworth woke her up when he shot the dog. He was apparently “very intoxicated” at the time, and her dog, Lefty, was on the kitchen floor in a pool of blood.

According to the woman, the dog was healthy and “full of life,” although he had been blind for a few years.

Police were able to recover a 9 mm handgun and five spent shell casings from the scene. Kayla Tucker, the Animal Control Director in the County, told officers that the gunshot wounds did not appear as if they were “immediately lethal.” Unfortunately, Lefty may have suffered for quite some time before he bled to death.

At this time, Shuttleworth is scheduled to appear in Miller County Circuit Court but he is currently out on a $25,000 bond. He may be facing a fine of up to $10,000 and six years in prison if he is convicted of aggravated animal cruelty.

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