This Man Saw A Thirsty Possum Struggling In The Heat…So He Shared And Cared!

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The summers in Australia can be dry and scorching hot. Not only is the heat a lot to handle for humans, but it’s sometimes too much for the animals there to handle as well. A man named Ben Saunders was driving along a road in Melbourne when he came across a little ring tail possum who appeared to be dehydrated. It was 104 degrees out and she was on the ground, struggling to find the energy to get up a tree. Saunders knew he had to do something to help.

He took a water bottle and held it out to the possum. She eagerly grabbed it with her tiny paw and proceeded to drink the entire bottle. After she finished, she was able to climb up the tree and into her nest. It looks like all this little possum needed was some water on this horridly hot day! “It might only be a small ringtail possum but I hate to see any animal suffering,” Saunders said. “Keep an eye out for any wildlife that might be suffering in insane heat!”

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