He Lost His Emotional Support Dog And Was Devastated. 3 Months Later He Shook Paws With A Miracle!

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Allan Knight, of Omaha, Nebraska, had been searching for his emotional support dog for three long months. Hera, a red-nose pit bull, went missing from his back yard one day, and was nowhere to be found. But thanks to a tip on Facebook, Knight is finally reunited with his fur-baby!

The woman who found Hera alerted Knight on Facebook, and the two met up for the reunion. The woman said Hera walked up to her car and right up to her. Knight thinks someone stole her and that she managed to escape; she had scars on her legs that could indicate being kept in a small kennel, and he doesn’t think she had been fed. He had thoughts that maybe she was taken to be bred. After this horrible experience, Knight is taking measures so that this won’t ever happen again. He already booked an appointment to get her spayed and microchipped, both which are very important!

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