A Dog Struggled with Escaping a Half-Frozen Lake Until a Man Swiftly Ran to Its Rescue

Animals are equipped to survive in their environment. They have great instincts that allow them to adapt and fend for themselves. However, the forces of nature are an exception — bringing danger to both humans and animals. Most rescue missions often happen during weather-related circumstances such as typhoons, heatwaves, blizzards, etc. It’s saddening to watch how animals can’t easily protect themselves, especially those without a roof above their head. For this reason, do not hesitate to help animals struggling during or in the aftermath of a natural disaster. You can also seek help by contacting the nearest rescue center in your area.

Photo: Instagram/jasski786

One of the most dangerous seasons for animals is winter. The harsh and cold environment isn’t the best place to thrive. That’s why several creatures hibernate and migrate to warmer places. Aside from the cold temperature, blizzards, deep snow, and frozen bodies of water can endanger survival. Your pets aren’t also safe from frostbite or hypothermia. That’s why one man from Colorado swiftly plunged into the half-frozen Sloan’s Lake to save a struggling dog.

Photo: Instagram/jasski786

The video was captured by Holly Morphew, and she shared the rescue operation on Instagram. According to the post caption, the dog was chasing geese at full speed before it plunged into the frozen lake. The broken ice opened to the freezing waters — Holly and her friend were terrified of the dog’s situation. It was obviously struggling to escape the extremely cold lake water. However, the dog was overpowered by the temperature — moving only made it weak. Holly tried to help and called 911, although they weren’t sure if the team would arrive on time. It was a heart-stopping moment that ended when a man suddenly entered the scene.

In the cold waters of Sloan’s Lake in February, a courageous man reached out a helping hand to the poor dog. The cold never bothered him because he focused on getting the canine out of the water. Holly and the other spectators were immensely in awe of the bravery they witnessed. Thankfully, they both survived after swimming in freezing temperatures. Netizens expressed their admiration for the modern-day hero below Holly’s post. Later on, it was found out that the dog’s hero was Jason Skidgel. He commented on Holly’s post, gave updates, and even mentioned the EMTs that took care of them that fateful day.

Photo: Instagram/jasski786

Out of gratitude for the praises and concern he received, Jason shared the video on his Instagram account. He wrote a long caption where he shared how his heroic deed has led to connections with other people. “I am honestly overwhelmed at the outpouring of love and #selflessacts that have come out of this random situation. I have had messages from people all over the world showing me videos of their own deeds, asking for nothing in return but showing gratitude. I have made it my mission to repost and respond as much as possible because y’all, there is SO much good in the world!” Jason wrote. The world is indeed a better place with people like Jason. Surely, the dog would remember him for the kindness he showed — truly an exemplary citizen.

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