This Pup Saw Someone Hiding Under A Blanket…When She Realized Who It Was? No Stopping Her.

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Dog dad Nando Brown had just returned from a trip to Holland and decided to “prank” his dog, Fizz, in a surprise reunion. He got the whole thing on camera, and watching it will definitely put a huge smile on your face! Our dogs really do miss us when we are gone; we see reunion videos all the time that melt our heart, but this one is one of my favorites!

Brown hides under a blanket in their yard and waits for Fizz to come around the corner and notice him. When she first saw the big blob under the blanket from a distance, she was very reluctant to go over to it. Not knowing who or what was under it, she sneakily tip-toed toward it before running back around the corner. Then she came back and stared at it some more before wagging her tail and going over to investigate. Once she caught a whiff of her hooman’s scent, she dives underneath the blanket and goes absolutely ballistic, wagging her tail, crying with joy and jumping all over him. This is so adorable!

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