Man Thought He Found A Dog On The Side Of The Road But It Turned Out To Be A Fox

If you were driving along the road and noticed an animal that looked to be in need, you’d stop and help, right? Most of us would, particularly if the animal was a puppy. One man from Japan was driving along when he saw when he thought was a puppy.

The man stopped to pick up the puppy. She was small and tiny, and the little vulnerable pup was hardly able to manage life outdoors on her own. The man named Marcy took in the little pup. But it would soon turn out that she wasn’t really a puppy after all.

After Marcy took her home with him, he reached out to the community on Twitter, asking people to share the pictures of the lost puppy, whom he’d called Luna. Many of his followers quickly got in touch to let Marcy know that Luna was, in fact, a baby fox!

Not sure whether or not his followers were right, Marcy decided to take Luna to the veterinarian to see for sure whether Luna was a fox or a puppy.

As Marcy wrote on his Twitter, “Thank you for your many retweets and opinions. I had a good night’s sleep after eating rice last night, and this morning I have a good appetite with defecation and urination. Isn’t it a fox? I will confirm it later with the veterinarian.”

The vet ended up confirming what many of Marcy’s followers had already been saying – Luna was indeed a fox. As much as Marcy would’ve liked to keep her, Luna was eventually relinquished to a local farm since she was a fox. In Japan, foxes are not allowed to be kept as pets. In fact, it’s illegal for them to be kept as pets because they can sometimes transmit parasites and other diseases.

Marcy shared with his followers, “We have completed handing over the fox to Kita Kitsune Farm.”

He added, “If you have the opportunity, I would be happy if you could visit Luna.”

According to farm employees, when she was picked up, Luna was about two months old, but they fully expect her to grow up to be able to be released back into the wild when she’s grown.

Given Mary’s experience with little Luna, he has grown to become a fan of foxes. In fact, besides Luna’s happily ever after at the farm, Marcy has become a fox advocate – frequently posting about them and calling for more protection of foxes.

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