Japanese Man Creates Lavish Costumes For His Cats

Cats dressed up in outfits? Yes, please! There is nothing better than seeing a cat dressed up in some colorful clothes. And one Japanese man created a Twitter account dedicated to the beautiful outfits that are fully handmade.

The man creates all the costumes based on anime productions, such as those from Studio Ghibli – a Japanese animation studio in Koganei, Tokyo. The man, who is from Tokushima Prefecture, is known to create cosplay outfits for his felines. How amazing are some of these outfits? Personally, I’m blown away by the attention to detail.

The man simply goes by the nickname of Nocturnal on different cosplay sites. He regularly updates his followers on his Twitter page, where he shows off his latest costume creations. He’s very open about his enjoyment of incorporating his cats into his cosplay, and it seems that in recent months he’s been taking things to the next level in terms of design ideas.

His kitty cosplay is a full-time job as he works on designs each and every day, in addition to location scouting for his stellar photoshoots. He has stated on Cosplay Archives that it is all “repeated trial and error.” Altogether his designs are quite detail-oriented as they often include tiny details that one might miss, but they are what make the outfits.

The man works alone, making all the cat cosplay outfits entirely on his own. But he doesn’t discourage people from wanting to collaborate photoshoots with him. He’s stated on Cosplay Archives that anyone who might want to help out in some way is “always welcome.”

If you’re already a follower of his Twitter page, or if you’re reading this and want more, then you can get excited because the man is thinking about creating a calendar that shows off his work.

Although, according to him, it is dependent on Studio Ghibli if they “enable 12 characters.” If that happens then he’ll “try making a calendar to commemorate it,” he says on Cosplay Archives.

However, I think it’s safe to say that there are a lot of people who are loving this and would be excited to see a calendar of these kitties in cosplay.

Check out a few below:

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