He Saved A Grizzly Bear Cub. 6 Years Later, They’re Still Best Friends. Here’s Their Story…

Casey Anderson has always had a thing for animals. He was raised around them and even dedicated his life to educating the world about animals. Anderson didn’t think twice when he came across a baby Yellowstone Grizzly Bear that needed a home. He adopted the small bear and named him Brutus. The two did everything together and were soon inseparable. The duo was thrust into the media spotlight for their odd friendship. Attention may of faded, but even six years later, the two are still best friends, even though Brutus is now a full-grown bear.

In fact, Anderson and Brutus are so close that Brutus was the best man at Anderson’s wedding. He also eats at the dinner table with the family and goes pretty much everywhere Anderson does. The footage of the two together is shocking. They wrestle and play just like a man would with his dog. You can tell that each have a high level of respect for each other.

Their friendship is so interesting that it was also the inspiration behind National Geographic documentary, Expedition Grizzly. Of course, just like Anderson says, “Don’t try this at home.”

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