Man Builds A Tiny Restaurant For The Animals Living In His Yard

Due to the global shutdown associated with the coronavirus, restaurants are limiting their orders to take out and delivery. That is, except for this one area that is still offering table service for any who are hungry (and can fit at the tables).

It is a tiny café made for wildlife.

James Vreeland is a lover of animals and his home in Detroit always has plenty of food around for the birds and squirrels who visit regularly.

He decided that things should be taken to the next level and he is now offering a more luxurious dining area for them to enjoy their visit.

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James built some tiny benches and put them in his yard. He also created an entrance to invite the little critters to have a meal.

The establishment is the “Maison du Noix”, which is French for “The Nuthouse.”

“We’ve been offering an opening course of a seed medley, followed by peanuts on the full shell, house-cut breadsticks, and a dessert of counter-softened apples,” Vreeland told the Dodo.

Have a look at the menu:

As you can imagine, there were plenty of “customers” who showed up and continue to come regularly to enjoy the tasty treats.

“The squirrels and blue jays have been loving it,” Vreeland said.

Although animals are the intended visitors to the tiny restaurant, they are not the only ones who are enjoying it. His neighbors and those watching a live stream of the café online are loving it as well.

“The response from humans has been pretty great with people stopping all the time to take a photo or watch the frenzy,” Vreeland said.

Vreeland may not be earning a heavy profit at Maison du Noix but business is doing well. He is also very happy that he is supplying the needs for the critters in the area.

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