Man Builds A Mud Castle For Abandoned Puppies He Rescues In The Woods

There are stray dogs everywhere. And unfortunately, not all of them have a loving place to call home. But for a couple of rescue puppies in Thailand, their luck turned around for the better after they were taken in by a man who built them a beautiful place to call home.

The man used ancient skills and traditional techniques to build the puppies their very own castle! Talk about being lucky – these puppies got an entire castle to themselves. There is no doubt that they were feeling very well cared for.

The man built the special puppy castle using sticks and mud. While the tools used were very simplistic, the results were anything but. His puppy castle came out looking spectacular.

The man rescued the four puppies from a cave in the wildness. Bringing them back home, he set to work creating their castle, which was complete with three towers, a staircase, and various entrances.

It even had its very own moat with a little bamboo draw bridge for them to cross over. The amount of time and effort he put in was truly touching.

He also created a tutorial on how he made the puppy castle for the little foursome. It’s on his YouTube channel, Wilderness TV.

You can watch the full tutorial below:

Is that not just amazing? What do you think of the puppy castle? Let us know!

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