Man Builds A ‘Dog Train’ To Take Rescued Abandoned Pups For A Ride

Forth Worth, Texas resident Eugene Bostick, 80, and his brother Corky, 86, have been helping animals for about 30 years.

In a recent interview with The Dodo, Bostick shared how his journey began:

“We live down on a dead-end street, where me and my brother have a horse barn. People sometimes come by and dump dogs out here, leaving them to starve. So, we started feeding them, letting them in, taking them to the vet to get them spayed and neutered. We made a place for them to live.”

Source: Tiffany Johnson

Source: Tiffany Johnson

But not only do they keep these abandoned dogs safe by taking care of them and putting a roof over their heads, they have also found a way to let them explore other places aside from their own backyard. So, they came up with the ‘dog train.’

Source: Imgur

Source: Imgur

“Whenever they hear me hooking the tractor up to it, man, they get so excited,” Bostick told The Dodo. “They all come running and jump in on their own. They’re ready to go.”

Source: Imgur

Source: Imgur

Bostick currently has nine dogs under his care and takes them for a ride on the train once or twice a week for an hour and a half.

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Every morning, the brothers wake up to feed the wildlife on the land, and make sure the dogs enjoy their day as well.

“I’ve been feeding the wildlife for over 30 years here, and I’m going to live another 30,” Corkey Bostick, told NBC DFW. “I’m only 86!” “My wife said if I didn’t get up and do this I’d be dead. And I really would.”

God bless the Bostick brothers and their kind acts towards animals! The world needs more people like them!

Take a look at the train here:

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