Man Spends Two Years Building Mini Mansion For His Dogs

Who among us doesn’t love our pets? We just want them to have the best in life, which is why we do our best to make them happy. It’s why we buy our dog the extra-large bone we know they’ll love, or why we don’t move our napping cat off the computer no matter how much work we need to complete. It all dials down to their happiness. And nobody loves their dogs more than Aaron Franks.

Aaron didn’t hesitate to go all out in order to create a palatial abode for his four Pit Bulls – he created them the ultimate Ken and Barbie Dream House, but for dogs. And he built it all himself!

Aaron was proud to show off his handiwork on social media. The world was quite impressed by his pictures, and after seeing them we can see why they went viral. While he calls it a mere “dog house,” we certainly think it deserves a more grandiose name.

Now, his four dogs – Tessa, Bruno, Coupe, and Mia – have an incredible space that they can call their own. It’s a great place for the four of them to hang out, play, swim, or nap together.

This whole amazing doggie play area was a major labor of love. In fact, the whole place took him two years to complete. But as Aaron was happy to admit, it was all worth his efforts.

As Aaron posted to Facebook, all that effort and time spent on the dogs’ area was because “Our dogs are a part our family and our dog house almost completes our home that we’ve been working on for 10 years.”

In his post he continued, saying, “I guess some people wouldn’t call it a dog house but that’s the shortest name I could come up with.”

“It’s a 3 storey play area…”

“It has 3 entrances, it comes equipped with electricity, running water, 3 swings, in-ground pool, 2 security cameras, indoor staircase with ramp, fire hydrant, pirate ship wheel, access to food and water…”

“It’s mulched where they do their business, has 3 rabbit escape holes…”

“Plenty of spots to lounge in or out [of] the sun…”

“Plus a boom-boom room.”

“My kids want me to put a flat-screen out there so they can watch Animal Planet, but I don’t know, that might be too much…”

There is no room to doubt just how much this man loves his dogs.

And his furry foursome absolutely love their new “home” as well!

Aaron was also sure to mention his wife for “being patient and understanding” and for helping with the project in order for him to be able to finish painting it.

These incredible digs are a testament to just how much Aaron loves to spoil his dogs – just like all dogs need to be.

What do you think of his outdoor dog house for his pets? Would you build one for yours? Let us know!

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