He Released A Gorilla Back Into The Wild. When They Reunite 5 Years Later, Unreal!

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Damian Aspinall, an entrepreneur and conservationist, traveled to the African country of Gabon, hoping to reunite with a ten-year-old gorilla named Kwibi, who was born in his wildlife park in Rural England. Kwibi, along with six other young gorillas, were released back into the wild five years ago. Aspinall had no idea how Kwibi would react to seeing him again, or if he’d even remember him, but it was worth a try.

They went out onto a boat in the river and began calling Kwibi’s name. They couldn’t find him anywhere, but after hours of searching, he appeared in the trees. Aspinall walks over to him and sits down, not knowing what to expect. Kwibi goes right up to him and touches his arm and gets close to Aspinall’s face while he feeds him a leaf. Then Kwibi gave him a hug and hung on his back. They looked like two old friends sharing a special moment.

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