This Man Is Playing A 12 Bar Blues Piano Duet…But Keep Your Eye On The Elephant’s Trunk!

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An English musician living in Thailand is playing a 12 bar blues on the piano. It sounds absolutely fantastic; I know that I could never play the piano that well. But his single performance quickly turns into a duet when Peter the elephant decides to join in on making some wonderful music!

Peter uses his trunk to play the piano notes, swinging it all over and slamming it onto random keys while the musician is playing at the same time. Peter flaps his ears and wags his tail like he’s dancing along to the music. He gets a great rhythm going and really seems to be enjoying himself. He’s so adorable! Halfway through he starts to put his trunk in between the musicians two hands. The best part is the end when he high fives the man with his trunk. This is the cutest duet I’ve ever seen!

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