A Man And His Dog Were Trapped For 12 Hours On Their Roof. I Held My Breath The Entire Video!

The devastating floods have now spread across nine states, affecting 13 million people. One state that got the brunt of it is Missouri. People have fled from their homes, lost personal belongings, and even their whole houses. Many people were not able to evacuate in time and got trapped at home. Rescue crews have been out to help people. One of those rescues were caught on camera.

A man and his dog were trapped on their roof for at least 12 hours in the freezing cold. The flooding was so atrocious that all you can see is their roof poking out of the water. Eventually, that too would have been underwater. Watch the amazing rescue in the video below. If it weren’t for these rescuers, this man and his pup wouldn’t have made it out alive! He may have lost his house, but at least he is now safe with his furry best friend by his side!

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