A Man And His Dog Had Nowhere To Live For The Winter. What Happened Next Restored My Faith In Humanity!

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Timothy Lucas and his dog Moe have been homeless and living on the streets in Lafayette, Indiana for weeks. With winter quickly approaching, Lucas knew that they had to find a place to stay to avoid the freezing temperatures. Luckily, he found a shelter for him to stay at, but unfortunately they don’t take dogs and there was no way Lucas was leaving Moe alone. So, he contacted the local news station to try to spread the word to find Moe a home for the winter while he got back on his feet.

After his story aired, he received more than 1,000 emails and hundreds of phone calls, overwhelming him with love. He received offers all the way from New York to California and even offers in a few different countries! Places have even offered him jobs! He wound up accepting an offer from a man who lives nearby in downtown Lafayette in a small apartment. Fortunately, he is letting both Lucas and Moe stay there, so Lucas won’t have to be without his furry best friend. VCA Lafayette Animal Hospital is even providing free vet services for the pup. Faith in humanity restored!!

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