A Mama and Her Two Pups Were Living On The Streets. When They Came To Rescue Them Using Cheeseburgers, AMAZING!

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Hope For Paws, a non-profit animal rescue organization in Los Angeles, California, received a call about a family of dogs living on the streets. When they arrived, they saw two little puppies, who immediately came over to the fence to greet them. Since they are puppies, they were way less fearful than their mother. Getting the mother dog to cooperate was a little tricky.

They tried to get them all to come near them by throwing pieces of food to them. They easily picked up the puppies and named them Dallas and Texas. Then they kept giving the mama dog food to try and gain her trust. After a little while they finally got their leash around the mama and named her Mable. She was very nervous but they kept petting her to let her know that they were there to help her, not hurt her. They got the three pups in the car and brought them back to get them bathed and treated. They were infested with hundreds of fleas but of course got that taken care of. Over a month later, you can see them play around and look so much happier! Thankfully since this video was made, these dogs have found their furever home!


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