She Crawls Under The House For A Minute. When She Reappears, Look At What’s In Her Mouth!

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This video, which was posted by the organization Let The Animals Live Israel, captures the amazing moment when a mama dog rescues her puppies from drowning. The dog recently gave birth to twelve puppies in a den dug out underneath a metal store container. Unfortunately there were bad floods from heavy rain and the puppies would have drowned in the deep water if they weren’t rescued.

Luckily, mama stepped up to rescue her puppies. Locals stood by to help the mother dog while she crawled into the den to retrieve her puppies. The locals could not save the puppies fast enough since they couldn’t fit in the small space, so the dog took it upon herself. You can hear the puppies’ little cries and it’s heartbreaking! The mom went in and brought out her babies one by one. Seven of the twelve were saved; sadly, the other five did not make it. Now the mama dog and her remaining puppies are safe and sound in a shelter!

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