Mama German Shepherd Puts Pup In Her Place When It’s Time For A Nap!

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This German Shepherd, named Josie, is lying down on the deck trying to relax and take a nap. But her little pup, Kali, has other things in mind. She’s hopping and rolling all around with her toys, just being your typical puppy. Her ball runs away and she goes running after it to get it. But at this point Josie is just fed up.

She gets up and follows Kali and nudges her with her nose to guide her back to her bed. Once Kali is on the bed, Josie takes her paw and pushes Kali down with it. She paws her again and then gives her some licks. Josie walks away and Kali stays put…because what mama says, goes!! This is hilarious and just goes to show that human moms aren’t the only strict ones!

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