This Is An Incredible Capture Of Natural Beauty. But, Watch Their Interaction When They Spot The Camera…

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It’s so amazing how that motherly instinct kicks in for animals as soon as they give birth, even if it’s their first child. It’s also amazing how similar gorillas are to us. This mama gorilla is holding her adorable newborn baby, an it’s insane how much this baby resembles a newborn human (with a lot more hair of course!). The way she holds him and cares for him is so sweet!

She puts him on her back when she walks around, and the little guy has such a strong grip! The sweetest part is when she walks over to another gorilla mom who is with her own baby. They have a simple interaction but it’s so precious! When the mom goes to walk away, the other mama reaches out to her and strokes her leg, as if she doesn’t want her to go. Then the gorilla stop walking and rubs her back; she was probably telling her to come with her because after that she followed her into the distance.

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