He Saw A Duck Hanging By A Sewer. Then, What He Heard Sent Chills Down His Spine…

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Getting separated from your mother while you’re a child can be frightening and traumatic. I remember when I used to lose my mom in the grocery store, I thought it was the end of the world. Well, these baby ducklings got into a dangerous situation, and their mama duck was just as worried as they were!

A handful of baby ducklings fell into a sewer while crossing the road with their mom in Westminster, London. A man, named Ben Newcomb, saw the mother duck frantically walking around in circles nearby and then noticed her babies stuck in the sewer, chirping for help. Newcomb called animal control to come and rescue them. When they got there, they immediately began working to get the sewer top lifted off so that they could get the babies inside, while the mama duck waited patiently nearby. They eventually were able to get them out and then reunited them with their mom!

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