Stray Mama Cat Brought Her Kitten To A Couple’s House. Then, They Realized She Was Asking For Help…

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A couple had been feeding a cat who would come back to their house each day for food.


One day, when she came to visit again, she brought a surprise: her kitten!

It turns out that her kitten had a broken leg, and it’s almost like the mama cat brought the kitten to the couple so that they could help him.

“We found him and immediately knew that something was wrong,” Jamie told Love Meow. “He would hike his leg up and his hip would jet out real far. We thought maybe his little hip was broken.”

They named the kitten Milo and brought him home. The next morning, they took him to the vet to get x-rays done, along with vaccinations. His tibula and fibula were broken, and he needed to be in a cast for three weeks.

While they keep Milo instead and have been taking great care of them, they continue to feed his mama who prefers to stay outside. “I think she’s just so used to being outside,” Jamie said. “Maybe someday she will change her mind.”

Milo is adjusting to his new life very well. He knows their daily routines and greets them at the door each day. Despite his broken leg, he still loves to roll around and play on the bed with his toys.

Watch him play in the video below:

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