The Maltese is a vision of beautiful and long silky white fur from head to toe. He has a refined attitude and is pleasant to be around. This breed makes an ideal companion for those who want a dog to keep them company and not be too tedious to care for. The Maltese is often seen in dog show rings for his beauty and grace.
The Maltese has white color fur and weighs approximately 4 to 6 pounds.
The Maltese is known primarily to be a companion dog. Although small, this breed is quite brave and outgoing. This dog is not afraid to make his presence known and will defend his pet owner, despite his small size. With their family and ones they know, the Maltese exudes a gentle nature and loves to have fun. Playtime is essential as are daily walks to keep this pup entertained.
Grooming the Maltese should be done in some fashion on a daily basis, such as brushing of the fur. Occasional baths and proper trimming of the fur will prevent matting of the fur and keep your Maltese looking wonderful. Professional grooming services will also help to keep the Maltese fur looking the best that it possibly can.
If you want to bring a small dog into your home, the Maltese is a perfect choice. This dog will do well with all family members, even smaller children so long as they are gentle with the Maltese. For those who don’t mind a little extra grooming time, the Maltese is a great addition to the family.

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