If You Thought Making The Bed With One Pet Was Difficult…Try Making It With This Many Cats!

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Making a bed is easy, but if you add pets to the equation it becomes a very difficult task. Personally, it’s a hassle making my bed with my dog around because he decides to lie on it while I’m trying to make it. Keyword: trying. Usually you could just lift your pet up, but mine weighs 85 pounds, so I just have to do my best. You’ve probably experienced similar circumstances, whether it be with a dog or cat. One is hard enough, but this woman attempts to make her bed with a lot more than just one cat!

NINE cats!! This woman is trying to make her bed while nine Sphynx cats are making it harder than ever. These hairless cuties are running all over the bed. Every time she lifts up part of the sheet, all of the kitties go running toward it. They’re pouncing around, playing, and trying to get under the blanket. They turn it into a game, and are cuter than ever! The video stops before she gets the comforter on, but I’m sure that was just as hard too!

Freddy The 7-Foot-Tall Great Dane: Click “Next” below!

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