Sweet Senior Shelter Dog Gets A Makeover And His Fur-Ever Home

It’s sad to say, but senior dogs are often overlooked at shelters. Even more so if they’re unkempt.

That is why groomers who donate their time and energy are an invaluable resource for many homeless animals. There are even programs where you can donate towards a shelter dog’s spa day. Pretty awesome, huh?

Max is a handsome senior shih tzu but he was going unnoticed until he got a spa day of his very own. Watch as he goes from frazzled to dazzling! What a handsome little man. And after his makeover, this little guy was adopted (almost immediately!) See, this really does work!

Want to learn about a program that can help dogs get makeovers? I know I do!

Check out the Bathe To Save Tour that was started for this very purpose. The Amos family from Australia knew that to be noticed, these shelter animals have to look their best. That is why this family is touring around the U.S. to bathe, and educate others about homeless animals.

How amazing is that?! Their goal is to raise $1 million dollars for homeless pets. WOW! That could do a lot of good for so many deserving furry creatures.

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