The Only Thing Better Than Dinner Time For This Pup? Just WAIT Until The Mail Comes…

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One of my favorite personal touches in homes is the addition of a mail slot in the front door. It just seems so classic and old fashioned considering most homes and apartments now have either a mailbox in the front yard or a dropbox in the lobby. And it looks like this happy, ferocious pup seems to love the mail slot as well!!

Clearly, this pup has his timing down to an art. He’s already prepped and ready for the mailman to arrive and drop off the mail for the day before he has even arrived! Once the mail does come, it slips right in through the slot and the little dog gets to attack the foreign objects to his delight!! Hopefully his owner wasn’t expecting any important documents today… Or, ever really since they may have a few teeth marks in them now! Lol!

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