Denture Bandit Leaves Office, Twitter In Stitches

Eunice went to work one day like many others. Her father was sitting on the coach with her dog, Maggie, both enjoying the still of the morning.

Soon after, Eunice’s father, needing a little more comfort, took out his dentures.

When the man woke from his short nap, he saw a familiar smile looking back at him. Across the room, Maggie showed her toothsome new grin.

Source: Twitter/@eUniFiEd
Maggie without any dental fixtures.

Of course, he had to take some pictures and send them to his daughter.

Source: Twitter/@eUniFiEd
Maggie’s new look.

“I was in tears laughing and showing all of my coworkers,” Eunice said.

Source: Twitter/@eUniFiEd
Maggie tried on some dentures.

The photos were the talk of the office for the next few weeks. After the uproarious laughter died down, Eunice shared the images to Twitter, too.

That’s when they went viral.

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