Maddie the coonhound is really good at standing on things

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Meet Maddie. She’s a coonhound that belongs to a man named Theron Humphrey, who’s embarking on a cross-country storytelling project called This Wild Idea.

Maddie looks like a normal, beautiful dog – except she has a unique talent: the ability to stand on things really well. Humphrey calls this project “Maddie the coonhound: a super serious project about dogs and physics.” I say that’s spot on, considering the vast of array of stuff on which this special pup stands. She stands on stuff like parking signs, ledges, rocks, shopping carts, televisions, mailboxes, national park signs, bicycles, and people. You get the idea. And in nearly every photo the calm expression on her face seems to say “Yeah, I know I’m awesome at this.”

Humphrey gave us permission to post some of his photos. You can view them all here (there are eight pages and counting). If you like a particular shot, you can order prints here. What do you think of these?

Parma, MIDetroit, MI - Happy Valentines Day!Royal Oak, MIElmira, MIMarne, MILansing, MIFt Wayne, INFt Wayne, INColumbus, IN

All images are © by theronhumphrey.

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