This Coyote Pup Finds An Unlikely Ally And Friend In This Furry Little Creature!

Dade City Wild Things in Dade City, Florida is the home of a large variety of creatures. They house animals of all kinds, but one furry friend, in particular, stands out among the rest. So say hello to Macey! Macey is a young coyote that was the runt of her litter. Being the youngest and the smallest in a pack of coyotes gave Macey a difficult start. She didn’t really get along with her three siblings. They would always try to dominate her or push her around. This led to her becoming shy and developing timid behaviors. Not wanting this to continue to define Macey’s life at the wildlife center, the owners decided to separate Macey from her siblings. They gave Macey her own enclosure in the hopes that the separation would help her grow stronger.

After a bit of time on her own, the staff began to reintroduce Macey to one of her siblings. Unfortunately, this did not go as well as they hoped. The sibling was still too rough with Macey and wasn’t a good playmate. At a loss on what to do, the staff came up with the idea to give Macey a bobcat to play with. Thus the start of a very unlikely friendship!

Prescilla, the bobcat kitten, proved to be just what Macey needed! Their playtime and bond of friendship taught Macey a few new tricks and helped her grow the confidence that she needed to face her siblings. And when Macey went back to live with the other coyotes… she was finally able to hold her own!

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