Dog Is SUPER Excited To Meet Santa! Look At That Tail Wag!

The holidays are a lot of fun for kids and adults alike. But did you know that your pet can have a blast too? YUP! They can!

Luna is ready to meet Santa Claus for the very first time and her human is so thrilled to take her! This video is the perfect inspiration to get your ENTIRE FAMILY into the holiday spirit. Luna is such a cutie and even poses to take a pic with her Christmas hero!

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Imagine getting to meet your hero in person! As a kid, did you have a superhero toy or a princess doll? Well, just imagine if that favorite toy came to life! OH EM GEE! It would be incredible, right? Kya has a serious obsession with her Santa Claus doll and takes it with her everywhere she goes. Just like a real kid. Well, her humans thought it would be brilliant if they took her to meet her toy, life-size and in person! GENIUS! Wait until you see photos of her reaction. Simply precious!

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