This Bloodhound Went Out To Pee And Wound Up Doing This Amazing Thing!

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Ludivine, an adorable Bloodhound, was let outside to go to the bathroom by her human, April Hamlin. She somehow escaped the backyard and wandered around a bit before stumbling upon the Elmont Trackless Train Trek Half Marathon, where they live in Alabama. Elkmont, Alabama is a small town of around 400 people, and many already knew of Ludivine. She arrived at the starting line just before the race began. When the gun went off, she ran with the rest of the runners!


She proceeded to run the entire 13.1-mile race, wandering off a few times to sniff around, but kept returning alongside the runners. Her human says she is friendly but very laid back. She says she is lazy so she couldn’t believe that she actually ran the whole half marathon. She didn’t even realize where Ludivine went until people at the race began texting her. This adorable pup wound up finishing in seventh place out of 165 runners, with a time of 1:32.56! They even awarded her with a medal to celebrate her accomplishment!


This marathon was actually a fundraiser set up by parents whose children run cross-country at Elkmont High School. The money raised will go to the cross-country and track-and-field teams there to buy training equipment and race entry fees for students. Thanks to Ludivine, they are getting much more publicity than they expected! Below is Ludivine post-race. She was pooped! I think she should start training to run a full marathon next!


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