Dog Rescued From 30-Foot Well After Spending Nearly Five Hours Trapped Alone

A very scary incident happened Sunday in Malibu, California, which shows just how important it is for your dogs to be kept on a leash at all times while hiking.

A dog named Lucy fell down a very deep well with no way out. Lucy was stuck at the bottom of the 30-foot well for several hours.

Urban Search and Rescue teams arrived at the scene to help this poor pup. Thankfully, she was still conscious, but they knew this rescue would be anything but easy.

It took nearly five hours for them to get the dog out. A rescue worker was carefully lowered down into the well by rope. He was then able to pick her up, but put a strap around her legs just in case.

This story could have had a much sadder ending, but thankfully Lucy was okay and is now recovering well.

You can watch the rescue in the video below:

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