This Lucky Lady Had Something Amazing Happen To Her!! Imagine If It Happened To You!

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Not all pups are of the canine variety!

A Canadian tourist, Charlene Fritz, got a special treat while visiting Snow Hill Island in the Antarctic Peninsula. The treat?… A hug from a 2 month old Elephant Seal! Charlene was on her excursion when the 200 lb. baby approached her looking for some affection. She knew not to touch the pup and instead, leaned back to accept the his cuddling. And cuddle he did. Thank goodness for yoga!

As pups, Elephant Seals are left on their own by their parents. This enables them to gain the courage they need to go back into the sea and live on their own. Well, this pup had different plans. He wanted affection and he was going to get it!

This was such an amazing opportunity! And I’m kinda jealous, lol.

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