Why Black Cats Are Lucky (Any Time Of The Year!)

For the silliest of reasons, black cats have been deemed unlucky due to old beliefs and superstitions. People have believed that black cats are cursed, that they are evil.. and if one crosses your path, then OH NO, something horrible will happen. RIDICULOUS! People even believed that witches could change form and embody a black cat.

Halloween pumpkin and black cat on wooden background

Even in 2016, even when black cats have clearly redeemed themselves, there are some people who still avoid them. Proof: Black cats are the least likely to be adopted in shelters. Well, that’s just crazy! This article is for those silly people who are still afraid of the cutest cats around! Let’s show these scaredy cats all the love and PURRFECTION they have been missing out on!

Black Kittens Are The Cutest!
Black kitten in grass, with an alert look on her face

Have you ever laid eyes on a black kitten? They’re undeniably adorable! And they match any outfit perfectly! Seriously, black is so slimming! Be careful though, they may put a spell on you (with their cuteness!)

Black Cats Are GORGEOUS!

Black cats, genetically, are blessed with the most gorgeous golden yellow eyes. Their high melanin content gives their eyes that beautiful hue we just can’t resist. Seriously, aren’t they spectacular?!

We’re lucky to have them, Not the other way around!

teen  pretty girl kiss black cat close up portrait

Black cats are loyal and sweet. They can be chatty at times, yes, but that just gives them more character.

In fact, during Egyptian times, black cats were held in the highest esteem. To kill a black cat, was a capital offense, punishable by death! Later, sailors put black cats on their ships to bring good luck (and help tame the rodent population).

I’m hoping the rest of the world will get on board and see what we cat lovers see: That black cats are PAWSOME!

kitten smelling flowers

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