Couple Hears Strange Crying In Home For 3 Days, Then Finally Decides To Tear Open The Walls

When a couple heard some strange noises at home one day, they thought it was just something outside and brushed it off. Once they listened a bit closer, they realized that it was coming from within their own walls.

They heard the noise for three days before trying to pinpoint its origin. The mysterious sound resembled a kitten crying somewhere outside, but when the couple opened up their window to try and locate the animal, it hit them that all the ruckus was happening inside the drywall of their home.

Instantly, they cut small squares into the white wall in spots where they heard the crying. In order to find out what was inside their house, they had to take a peek.

In the video below, posted on February 21, 2017, they discover that a tiny, gray kitten managed to make his or her way in between the walls of their home.

Knowing that the situation was urgent, they stuck their hands in, reaching for the little kitten in order to save its life.

Perhaps the baby cat was too scared, or maybe he was startled by hands grabbing for him. Either way, it was definitely a struggle to free the kitten from his bleak “hiding place” in the wall.

As seen in the video, they eventually make their way closer to the little animal. To see how the rescue plays out, check out the video below.

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Thumbnail image Source: Flickr / Gareth, tinfoilsoldier

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