Hundreds Of Pets Rescued From Devastating Louisiana Floods Need Your Help!

Flooding has devastated Southern Louisiana and hundreds were forced to flee their homes. As the media covered the evacuations of hundreds and the massive loss of homes and belongings, there was another gut-wrenching consequence of the flooding. Several of the families were forced to evacuate at the blink of an eye and many had to leave behind their beloved pets. Many animals were reported missing during the storm and the aftermath.

Fortunately, several locals are making sure that the victims don’t have to lose more than they already have by helping locate and rescue these helpless fur babies. While thousands of people have been evacuated from the disaster zone, more than 400 animals have been rescued as well. Southern Louisiana animal shelters are being overrun with animals being brought in. As the flood waters continue to rise, The Dodo reports that these animal shelters are working hard to transport these animals to safer locations. With so many animals needing shelter and supplies during this crisis, Louisiana shelters and animal rescue organizations are asking for your help.

Take for instance, the hundreds of horses that have been displaced. The footage below shows the problem shelters are facing to meet these horse’s basic needs.

You can donate to the Denham Springs Animal Shelter by clicking here. All funds raised will go to the animal shelter to go toward recovery and rebuilding efforts. Petco Foundation has generously offered to match each dollar raised up to $50,000. For more information on the needs of each animal shelter affected and how you can help, visit

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