Couple Sits Down For An Engagement Photo Shoot. Now Keep Your Eye On The Dog!

A Minneapolis couple decided to have a photo shoot to celebrate their recent engagement. But little did they know that they’d have a candid moment that would go viral and end in laughter.

Megan Determan and Chris Kluthe’s Dachshund, Louie, has been a big part of their lives. They knew that they wanted to have him be a part of their photo shoot, but they didn’t expect him to be the center of attention…literally.

6-year-old Louie jumped in front of the couple just as the photographer was snapping the picture.


Source: DnK Photography

“I knew he was going to be in the shot. I didn’t know he was that much in the shot,” Kluthe told CBS Minnesota.

Determan says that Louie is always demanding attention at home and gets jealous whenever she tries to touch her fiancé. So it is to no surprise that Louie jumped up for attention during the photo shoot. But what’s ironic is that Kluthe’s face is completely blocked out by Louie in the photo, leaving just Determan in the background.

It might not be the picture-perfect photo they were expecting, but it sure does capture a great moment!

Check out more photos from the shoot:





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