This Weimaraner’s Bed Time Routine Is Ridiculously Complicated, But Ridiculously Cute Too!

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Bed time or nap time can be hard work sometimes! Although at the end of a long and tiring day, sometimes you just want to collapse on your bed or couch without a care in the world. But some people are very particular with how they sleep. Personally, I am picky when it comes to my bed and my sheets have to be all tucked in at the bottom; if my feet stick out, I won’t be a happy camper! This pup is also very particular when it comes to getting comfy.

Louie the Weimaraner is on the couch trying to get comfortable, but it takes a lot more effort than you’d suspect! There is a sheet covering the whole couch, but not when Louie is done with it! He pulls the sheet down off it and and proceeds to spin around in circles on the chair, digging up the sheet (and even getting completely under it at one point!). Over a minute goes by before Louie finally decides that his spot is comfy enough to lie in. So cute!

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