When This Dog Was Brought In, They Thought He Was Dead. Then, He Lifted His Head Up…

This tiny sweet dog named Lou was at a local shelter and was a very happy dog. He was always friendly and outgoing and they thought he was very adoptable. Then, all of a sudden, he didn’t look as energetic, and didn’t come up to the cage door when staff went up to it, which was very unusual for him.

Thankfully, Vet Ranch stepped in to help. When Lou arrived at their clinic, he looked dead. He was lying down with his eyes closed and wouldn’t move a muscle. They believed that he had Parvo. His body temperature was very low so they worked to get his temperature up, put a catheter in and ran tests. After putting him on a heating blanket and getting him on some fluids, he began to pick his head up, which is a great sign.

A day later he was already looking so much better. His blood glucose was much better and they continued to give him fluids. Sadly, he was still very depressed. Eventually, he started eating again, and Dr. Karri even took him home to make sure he got enough food and comfort.

Once Lou was in better shape, they neutered him and gave him heartworm treatment. At this point, you can see he is doing much better and is back to his energetic self. Thanks to Vet Ranch, he got a second chance. He went to a foster, and his foster loved him so much that they wound up adopting him!

Watch his rescue in the video below:

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