Dream Vacation Turned Into A Nightmare When They Lost Their Dog. A Month Later, They Got This Call

Nancy and John Robertson’s dream beach vacation quickly turned into every pet owner’s nightmare. The couple and their family were on vacation in Panama City Beach and decided to take a day trip to the nearby Navarre Beach. They had brought their beloved Cavalier Spaniel, Teddy along for trip, but knew he couldn’t accompany them during their Navarre outing. Nancy found a reputable pet sitter nearby and the Robertson’s dropped off their 3-year-old pet as they head to their destination.


A short time after arriving at the beach, Nancy received a terrifying phone call. The sitter frantically told the family that Teddy had gotten out of the house through the garage door and was nowhere to be found. The Robertsons immediately returned to the sitter’s home to look for Teddy but had no luck.

“We stayed in a hotel in Navarre that night,” Nancy recalled. “There was thunder and lightning, we thought, ‘He’s not going to make it.’ ”

Lost During Vacation

With locals help, Teddy’s photo was shared through various lost pet sites and other avenues. After a week of searching with no leads, the Robertson family decided they had to return home.

“It was the longest ride home,” Nancy said. “People kept calling us and telling us not to give up hope.”

Calling themselves ‘Team Teddy,’ a group of dedicated locals continued the search for the Robertson’s pet after the family left. A month later, Nancy received a call she never thought she would get. A Navarre resident had captured images of what appeared to be Teddy on her backyard camera. She spotted the dog over several nights and knew it had to be the lost dog. Nancy immediately booked a flight to Navarre and searched the area around the home.

“We set up camp and waited there in Rebecca’s lanai,” she said. “I whistled for him, we set out pieces of bacon … he came through her backyard, but ran back into the woods. The next night he didn’t show up at all.”

The next day, Nancy woke up to many calls and texts. Teddy had been found. He had collapsed on a neighbor’s porch and was being taken to the vet for care.

Teddy and Nancy Robertson

After being treated for tick paralysis, the dog was given a clean bill of health and reunited with his family. The Robertson’s story has quickly gone viral and the family says they are thankful for everyone’s support. The family even plans on returning for another vacation.

“The beach is nice, the restaurants are good, but we’re coming back solely because of the people there,” John said.

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