He Hasn’t Seen His Human In Two Years…When He Realizes That It’s Him, TEARS!

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Two years ago, a man named Jose was going through a horrible time. He was going through a divorce, lost his house, couldn’t find a job, and wound up becoming homeless and living in his car. But through all of the bad, his dog, Chaos, kept him sane. He could always count on him to make him feel loved and happy.

But eventually Jose had to give his dog to a friend of a friend while he got back on his feet. Somehow Chaos went missing, and Jose was heartbroken. But amazingly enough, Jose received a call from an animal shelter saying that they had found Chaos on the street. Thankfully, Chaos was microchipped! The reunion in the video below is absolutely tear-jerking! At first, Chaos was hesitant, but once he realized who Jose was, he went nuts and couldn’t stop jumping on Jose and giving him lots of kisses!

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