This Golden Was Training To Be A Guide Dog, But Failed. In The End, His Trainer Did The UNTHINKABLE…

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This adorable 10-week-old Golden Retriever puppy, named Lombard, began his journey as a guide dog. During his training, his raiser, Hana Kim, documented one second from each day from puppyhood to his formal training. A puppy raiser spends approximately 12-15 months with the dog to make sure they’re ready for the next step in their training. During those months learn basic commands, manners and socialization. But those 12-15 months turned into longer…much longer!

Lombard became anxious and developed ball obsession, causing him to be career changed. The high stress working environment became too much for him. He was released from the guide dog in training program last month. Luckily, Kim decided to adopt Lombard as her own! Now he gets to spend his days chasing balls and playing like a normal pup. She is currently working on certifying him to become a therapy dog in the near future.

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