They Began Grooming A Dog. When They Realized The Dire Condition She Was In, They Were In Tears

Groomers at Golden Paws Pet Grooming in Lexington, MA, thought it would just be like any other normal day at work when they received a Cocker Spaniel, named Lolly, to groom. But once they discovered the condition she was in, they were shocked in heartbroken.

Lolly had horribly matted fur, an extremely painful ear infection, and swollen paws. Her ears were bleeding and she was severely dehydrated. The groomers took it upon themselves to rush her to the vet to get the care she so desperately needed.

Lolly’s former owner couldn’t care for her any longer, so he gave her away. When he visited her, he realized that the new owner was neglecting her and he immediately took her back and brought her to the vet.

Lolly has since been shaved, cleaned many times a day, and given food and water. Despite many years of neglect, Lolly still wags her tail and is a very loving dog. Unfortunately, Lolly needs to have her ear canals removed because of infection, as well as major dental work.

They are trying to raise $6,000 for her medical expenses, as the ear canal surgery alone will cost $3,600. If you’d like to donate, you can click on her GoFundMe account here.

In the meantime, police are investigating the situation further.

Thank goodness for these awesome groomers for getting Lolly the help she needed!

Watch more of the story in the video below:

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