Super Bowl Champion Logan Ryan Fosters Orphaned Kittens

Four tiny kittens got quite the lucky break when two-time Super Bowl champion and former New England Patriot cornerback, Logan Ryan, decided to foster the mini felines from a St. Petersburg, Florida animal shelter.

Apple Jack, Cocoa Puff, Lucky Charm, and Fruity Pebble from the Friends of Strays Animal Shelter were all were taken in as fosters by the athlete and his wife, Ashley. As Friends of Strays Animal Shelter posted to Facebook, Logan Ryan and his family are no strangers to helping animals in need. They have taken in the four kittens as fosters after the orphaned cats were found in Largo, Florida in an abandoned building. The Facebook post included some pictures of the Logans with the little kitties.

Logan, along with his wife and kids, Avery and Otto, will be looking after the kittens until they’re ready to be put up for adoption. The shelter has estimated that all four will be ready to go off to their forever homes either at the end of August or the beginning of September.

The Logan family is quite the family of animal lovers and they’re no strangers to caring for a variety of pets. As Friends of Strays Animal Shelter shared, back in 2017, both Logan and Ashley were able to create their own charity called the Ryan Animal Rescue Foundation. This organization is known to “partner with animal welfare organizations around the world promoting adoption and offering grants and educational opportunities to better the lives of animals.”

As the CEO of Friends of Strays, Dara Eckart, shared in a statement, the Ryans have been known for doing some wonderful work for animal welfare worldwide. Because of their notoriety with animal charities, Friends of Strays are delighted that they signed up to be a foster family for the kittens. She said, “Jack, Puff, Lucky, and Pebble were understandably nervous and timid when they first entered into our care, but the entire Ryan family has done an incredible job caring for them, socializing them, and building their confidence so they can transition seamlessly into their forever homes. Friends of Strays is very grateful to have them on our team.”

Even though Apple Jack, Cocoa Puff, Lucky Charm, and Fruity Pebble still have a ways to go before they’re available for adoption, there are still plenty of other animals who are in need of homes. And, for the whole of August, Friends of Strays is waiving adoption fees for their cats and kittens who are adopted by essential workers in a program they’re calling the Felines for Frontliners campaign.

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