This Llama Has A Very Special Job At A Nursing Home…Wait Until You See What He Does!

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Travis the Llama isn’t your typical llama. He has a very special job at the Life Center of Nashoba Valley, a nursing home in Massachusetts. I know what you’re thinking: how can a llama have a job at a nursing home? Well the answer is simple, yet amazing. Him and his llama friend, V.J., live in a field belonging to the nursing home, and each take turns walking through the building.

Travis is a beloved companion animal for all of the nursing home’s residents and it brings joy and happiness to their days when he walks throughout their home. They wheel their wheelchairs to the door frames of their rooms when they see him walking by. Many even greet him and call him beautiful as he does. “Animal-therapy programs are said to decrease agitation in many nursing home residents to increase participation,” says National Geographic. “The animals are sometimes able to bring the residents out of their shells in ways that previously seemed impossible.” This is wonderful! Travis is doing wonderful things for these residents!

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