Puppy Has Temper Tantrum Over New Sweater And It May Just Be The Cutest Thing EVER!

This may be an oldie, but it is still one of my absolute favorites!

There are so many reasons that somebody might want to put clothes on a dog. The obvious one being that it’s insanely adorable. The more logical being because their coat isn’t thick enough and they actually need a few extra layers! We’re not entirely sure why the cute pup you’re about to meet is in a striped sweater… but whatever the reason: it makes for an AMAZING video.

Meet Little Marshall, an adorable Bull Dog wearing a positively adorable striped sweater. You see, Little Marshall is really pissed off at his mom for making him wear his new sweater. Watch him yell at her and try to roll, wriggle, rub, and shake out of it. It’s hysterical! He wants nothing to do with this sweater, even though he looks so cute in it! My god. Those wrinkles get me every time!

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